Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

To all ~ Happy Holidays & a very Merry Christmas!!
As I wrap, bake, cook & decorate, I am also thankful for all of you. I am soo blessed, to have my beautiful family & a shop I created & love.
Wonderful Wishes everyone!!
XOXO ~ Bunny

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A new Shabby Christmas House....

I found these cute little houses at my local crafts store. I can not get my fav's that I just sold out of, so was looking for a way to make my own. I may still try to lite them too. They are smaller & of course my 'look'.

I painted them, added roses, of course!! under the windows & then covered in glitter. Then put them out on my Cake Stand & added a little snow.

I may try to add these to my shop next year & make more, but wanted to see if there was any interest.

Thanks for looking. I need to do a whole lot more decorating, but this is a start!! I want to add glitter to the snow too, for extra glitzzzz

Happy Decorating everyone!!

~ Bunny