Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Garden Pics

My roses are slowly taking off!!  The iris's look wonderful! 
I can not wait to share my New Dawn on the arbor, but it is not in bloom just yet.
Here is my Climbing Peace, I am training it to go up the side of the house & this is what I see out my Kitchen door.

Right now it is climbing up the fence, love it there!

Here is some of the iris's & my favorite bird bath.  Seems to be the birds favorite also

I adore roses, but, when my Peoney blooms, ohhhh boy!!

As more opens & becomes beautiful, I will share more. 
Take some time to listen to the birds sing & of course, to smell the flowers!
You'll be glad you did
~ Bunny

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A wonderful day spent out with Hubby....

Today was a date day.  With 2 small kids, we don't get many of those!  Off to Grandma's they went & we were off.
They are east of where I live & I pass by this interexting place all the time & never get to stop in.  Today I dragged Hubby & stoped.  Well, what a wonderful surprise!! 
The Cottages At Moriches
Antiques & Fine Gifts
Little cottages & sheds FillED with treasures & furniture & china & vintage & wonderfullness!! 
I picked up some new wonderful finds for my new Creative Inspiration..... you'll just have to wait & see what I create!

The cutest little baubles..... I may keep the necklace for myself....shhh..

I adore the detial on these frames!!  Perfect!

Then I found a collection of my Moss Rose I started collecting.  I picked up this serving tray for $5!!!

Then we went to diner at a beautiful Italian place.  
Can't wait to get working!!

~ Bunny

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My new Creations

I LUV to create & have been trying to spend more time at it lately.  I want to share my newest creations with you.

I combined some of my favorite things,
Vintage Photos
& Digital Art

Each Print is included with the easel & just adore they way they look on them!
I have a couple more projects I am working on that I will share soon...
Who ever you are, what ever your talent ~ try to create something today!!

Luv, Bunny

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st at the Beach

Living on Long Island is a wonderful thing, you can get to the beach in less then a half hour.  I worked most of the day & couldn't wait to  get home, pick up hubby & the kids & head to the beach.  We stayed only about the hour, but I took about 60 pictures!!
We went to the north shore, its rocker but the kids loved throwing rocks in the water & finding pretty colors & shells.

The kids dug holes & even played in the water a bit.

And to top it all off, a lady bug landed on Sammy!!!  It was a wonderful time & just a taste of so many great times to come this summer.  The warm beautiful weather is just starting!!

~ Warm sunny thoughts to all ~

Hugs, Bunny