Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I just luv to plan the kids Birthday Parties!!
My son was turning 7 & wanted a Dr Seuss party.
What do you do with a bunch of 7 year old boys??  I read a bunch of the books & came up with some real cute chalenges for the kids to do.   I made up posters for the 4 events.
can not get this pic to load straight!!!!  sorry.... moving on...

Then being a summer birthday, thought creating journals for kids to decorate would be a cool way to keep them writing all summer.

I bought journals from the dollar bins at my local craft store, covered them in white & red, then offered stickers, crayons, markers & such to let the kids create the look they wanted.

Favors have soo many options!!  We wanted to include a bookmark, that I made up with graphics I had.  Also added sweet little tag from Cat in the Hat & Alex for joining us at the party. 

Food is difficult....
you need "real" food to fill up a bunch of hungry boys....
Poodles of Noodles became home made mac & cheese with funky twirlly pasta

Green eggs & ham became  Green Beans & Ham
Potato salad with green beans topped with crispy bacon on top.

Cheese trees was cute!  Yinks Pink Ink from Pink lemonade is a must!

Here is the birthday boy working on his journal.

Easy colorful center pieces, tissue paper poofs!  Sooo easy & can be made in any colors you need

Alex also asked for a special birthday chair.  This is a little white scrolled chair I had from when I was little, but the scrolls helped make lots of spots to tie ribbon form.  Made a special Alex's Day sign, added a tissue poof and he felt like he had a kings chair!

And here is the center piece I made for the party.  I used stacked hat boxes & made Cat in the Hat coming out the top! He was the star of the show!!

Then here is the Birthday Boy!

& here is the family pic

Cherish these years, goes sooo fast!!