Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall is almost here. . .

Sorry friends, I am not a big fan of Summer heat!  My mom is a teacher & she's off for the summer & we spend lots of time together, but it could be in the 70's & I'd like it a lot better.
So, Fall is my favorite season!!!  The colors, the smells of the cool crisp fresh air, the sounds of crunching leaves, its all so wonderful!  

As you all know, I garden.  I have a very tierd looking veggie garden, and along the back I threw a bunch of sunflower seeds.  I can bring cuttings in every few days of these sunny beauties!!  Some are almost 8 ft tall.  

Had to share one of my favorite pics from our summer outings.  The kids went off exploring at the Game Farm & found this.  My son is not worried at all about the Lost Childern house, but the baby is looking up at her brother, "are we lost?"  ~ Too sweet ~

Well, the upcoming season also gives me energy & inspiration.  So, I have lots of projects in the works & will share soon!
Safe back to school everyone!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My new Angel

Here is my new creation!

I altered one of my favorite Cherubs. I found a beautiful frame & painted it white & gilded it with Gold. The piece is accented with glitter, paper roses, vintage jewelry, Swarovski Crystals & rhinestones.