Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Baby Girl's costume

Halloween is almost here.....I have been working, in my spare time ( haha) on my baby girls costume. It still needs wings and she is a bit bald, so maybe a hat, but this is it so far ~

We did a little pumpkin pickin too.

Big Brother is always looking out for his little sister. "Don't eat it" was the advise he gave her!

I had to share this! This was just the cutest little baby pig at the pumpkin farm! All he did was dig holes & run like crazzy, but isn't he the cutest little thing you ever did see?? Its about the size of the cows nose!!

Wishing all a very Happy & Safe Halloween!!


Jacalyn @ said...

Hi Bunny,

I just gave you an award! Check out my blog to see all of the details!


Becs said...

Hi there Bunny.....I just adore that lil fairy you have there! She is just the cutest vn if sh has no Let's see an after pic! Becs