Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our new Beautiful Shabby Piece!!

So since the fireplace, that I am enjoying ohh soo much, the rest of the room needed a few tweeks. We got a new flat screen for the wall, (finally!!) & needed a piece to put the components in. So I went to my local Gararge sale- warehouse place & found this!!!!!

It was a mess! Filthy & pelling finish, & not even one color. My husband thought I was nuts!! It is 6 feet long & carved to the shabby top, its wonderful.

Ohh did I mention I paid $48!!!! & they delivered & took my old ugly huge heavy 36" tv. I still can't believe that is all I spent!!

So I got it home after working all day, had a terrible headache, but just HAD to paint it white!!

Today my husband put the cable box & stuff in the middle section & we put the village on top.

Here it is painted, let me know what you think..... :o)
I haven't finished painting it yet, but too much to do before christmas. Its in the room & painted & I love it!!!

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Diana at Chloe's Chic Boutique said...

OMG! That piece is just gorgeous! Lucky you for finding that... and at a great price too.