Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nashville Southern Women's Show

Wow!!  What a beautiful city!  The ladies look wonderful, they sure love great hair & beautiful jewelry here!  The food is delish, ohhhh.... and our booth is to Die For!!!

Here's me in our Booth.  Francie from Scented Cottage thinks I'm cute & keeps taking my picture!! 

Here is our fearless power house of a leader:

~ Miss Catherine ~
The reason I am here in this beautiful city helping out at this wonderful show.  The best Online Shopping Mall in the world!
She runs circles around me & thats not done often.  :o)

Mary's dresses.  sooo adorable

The most incredible part of this trip was to see our shops work in person & see the true beauty & talent of our shop owners!!!!  We have an amzing amount of talent at Shabby Lane Shops.  I am so inspired by each of the shops featured here.  

But whats all work & no play????  no, not me!!
There were the Fireman!!!  Soooo sweet, oh & yummmmy!

My new friends over at Smokin' Joes, fried catfish & pickles & sooo adorable!

Derek from Dancing with the Stars

Catherine with Miss Nashville.  Who just LOveD our booth by the way.

 Here is me on the scooter we borrowed for a member that came in the shop with some friends.  I had a blast driving this around the Hotel!!!  Everyone knew me by the 1st day.
Poor Catherine has to put up with me, but I am having a blast & selling my butt off!! 
Well, off to bed.  Tomorrow is the last day & we have lots planned.  If I get into any other trouble I will be sure to share it with you here.  I will try to be good, but whats the fun in that??
What a beautiful experience to be here & so very happy I came to help.
Hugs to all!!
~ Bunny


Debbi said...

Bun, with your bubbly personality, I have no doubt everyone knew you by the first day!!!
You gals have got be exhausted by now on this fourth and final day of the show, we all appreciate all the work that went into it for sure:)

Graceful Rose said...

Bunny, looks like a great time "scootering" around. The pictures look great!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

hahaha... and I have more photos of cute lil you too...with your glitter eyes !

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