Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inside the new home of B. Catherine Designs . . .

Here is some pics of the front room when you walk in.  Then it bumps out to my office area.

I have my bags behind me, lots of ribbons, tissue paper, printer, & lots of goodies.  Everything within easy reach.

I just adore this stationary!!  The goodies they have at holiday time is to die for!  Untill I find a Fab desk to display, the glass top & collums works just fine.

Back to the shop today, looking foward to a busy holiday weekend! 


Graceful Rose said...

Lookin good, Bun, can't wait for more pictures. I so envy you. I wish you the best in your new digs.

Shabby Lane Shops said...

Gorgeous shop! So proud for you!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Bunny, I am so thrilled for you on the opening of a real store. How excited you must be. Next time I get to New York I will definitely try and get there. You go girl! xo Lynn