Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1st Summer Treat

I had a ton of furniture to paint, but with chance of thunderstorms, I didn't want to take a chance.  So its Sunday evening, kids are watching a movie, didner is done, I'm board!!
So I play on Pinterest, my new fav site...
I find this yummieness!!
Here is the link for the recipe
I do not have mini muffin pans, so I made big guys!  Same directions, but only got 6 standard sized yummies.
After making the graham crusts, take them out & put the chocolate in the bottom & top with a full marshmellow.
Back in the oven like 2 mins, take out & press the softened marshmellow down. 

Melt the chocolate & put a spoon full on top... or 2 spoon fulls....

We ate them all..... now the kids, shown below enjoying thier 8:00 sweet snack... at bed time..... are running around like nuts in the house.....
Warning, feed to young children earlier in the day!!

She looks harmless here, doesn't she!?!? 
Happy July 1st!!!  Summer rock on!!

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cottonfieldfarm said...

Oh Bunny! I just came in here to quickly check the mail before I start painting the bedroom! Painting the entire house is one project I planned for summer vacation, but alas, here it is July, and I'm just starting! Well, almost just starting until I found your email from facebook!! WOW, these look SO delicious!! I'm going to go get the recipe and try these when my granddaughters come up! Thank you for sharing them. And yes, both of those darling children in your picture look so cute!! Thank you again and many blessings, Regina